Roly Rodriguez (Sunset Painting) and his crew painted our San Ramon home about 13 years ago. The home has been a rental property for the past 12 years. When our tenants recently vacated, we obtained three estimates. Roly”s estimate was by far the best. Since we had a great experience with him 13 years ago, we went with him again.

We traveled from So. Cal. where we currently live, to our rental property in San Ramon. We would be there from Monday, returning to So. Cal. the following Saturday. Roly was able to start the job on Tuesday morning and completed the job by early Friday afternoon. All of the walls, trim, baseboards and doors were painted (3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, hallway, living room, family room, breakfast room, dining room and kitchen 1825 sq. ft.) The ceilings did not require painting. (Other painters wanted to hand-paint the doors, but Roly sprays them and they came out as smooth as glass. Roly also caulked the baseboards for us. We asked Roly to remove all hardware from the doors so there would be no chance of getting paint on the hardware, and he gladly accommodated us for a small extra fee. Other painters really balked at this request.

His crew was respectful, hardworking, neat and clean. Not a speck of paint got on the carpet or anywhere it should not have been. We provided lunch for his crew and they were extremely appreciative. We have had two great experiences with Sunset Painting over the years and would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again. Thank you Roly for making this happen within our limited timeframe. Davidia.

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